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Milling equipment for processing stone, concrete, asphalt. Processing speed up to 70 square meters/hour

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
Seller:Zamitajlo Ol'ga
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

Indispensable for rough removal of the top layers of the coating (concrete, asphalt) to remove unnecessary layers, bumps and drops. Milling depth of up to 3 mm, the width of the milling - up to 215 mm, capacity - 70 m2/h on concrete.
Main advantages:
• Closed working cycle, ensuring no dust when connecting the appropriate industrial vacuum cleaner Blastrac.
• Effective milling on horizontal surfaces of medium hardness.
• Exact adjustment of the milling depth, precision adjustment and no risk of damage to the Foundation surface.
• Quick ascent / descent mechanism of the milling drum.
• Compact, powerful and efficient machine.
• Low vibration, high maneuverability, easy operation.
• The availability of additional cutters for different coatings.

The milling machine is indispensable for rough removal of the top layers of the coating (concrete, asphalt, epoxy or polyurethane coating) for alignment, removing unnecessary layers, bumps and drops. Use the milling machine for concrete complete with an industrial vacuum cleaner makes the process of milling of concrete dust.
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