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The moisture meter grain Draminski TwistGrain

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
Price:5 620 UAH
Company:Dragonfly GMM
Seller:Pchelintsev Yurij
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The grain moisture meter, ergonomic housing, to work in field conditions.

The accuracy is ±0.5%

• Accuracy: unique 3 point measurement method

• Pocket size

• Reliability: Polish product - global brand

• Usefulness: exceptional ergonomics in any conditions operation

Technical data

The size is 16.5 × 7,0 × 7.5 cm

Unit weight - 500 g (with battery pack)

A method of filling the camera - manual

Sample volume 90 ml

Method of measuring humidity - impedancometry

Food - 4 pieces battery type - AA 1.5 V, 1 PCs CR2032, 3V

Time battery life of about 29 hours

The low battery indicator - automatic signal (graphic symbols "Battery low")

Consumption - average 80-120 mA, depending on user settings

Control measure - the microprocessor odnokristalnye

Display - LCD screen type LCD with backlight LED

Keyboard membrane

Resolution measurements of temperature - 1°C, humidity - 0,1%

The correction with keyboard - option modification

Accuracy of humidity measurement is ± 0.5% for conforming grain; ± 1 % to 10% humidity; ± 1.5% the range above 10% moisture, and may increase with increasing humidity sample

Measuring error, temperature ± 1°C

Temperature compensation is taken into account automatically

Recommended working temperature from 10°C to 35°C

Recommended storage temperature from 5°C to 45°C