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The moisture meter grain Farmpoint

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
Price:4 570 UAH
Company:Dragonfly GMM
Seller:Pchelintsev Yurij
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Hydrometers Farmpoint is the next generation portable, portable electronic moisture analyzers, the principle of which is based on the principle of measuring capacitance and high frequency, which, together with compression and automatic temperature compensation gives more reliable results.

This type moisture meters are used when you want to spend proximate analysis the moisture content of grain in the field, during harvest or when storage, grain processing or post-harvest handling, drying, placing the grain on the currents of storage; when moistened grain prior to milling and the laboratories.

It is easy to use, requiring no special maintenance, portable electronic devices, in which the content data moisture in grain output in percent for e-W to display (display Russified). The main feature of these devices is universality and the ability to work with different varieties of grain, grass seed. The hygrometer does not require pre-shredding. Determination of moisture in flour is available in a wide the range and with high accuracy.

The factory setting of the hygrometer has such FarmPoint calibration: wheat, barley, oats, rye, clover, sorghum, canola, corn, peas, sunflower, buckwheat, soybeans, rice, millet, flax, red fescue, wheat flour, semolina, meadow fescue. Possible calibration of the device under other crops grain and food raw materials.

Main functions:

the measuring cylinder is made of polished aluminum;

the casing is made of udaroustoychivyim ABS plastic;

shockproof plastic case;

conclusion types of cultures on the Russian-language display;

automatic averaging of multiple measurements;

the output readings of moisture content on the display to the first decimal place;

compression of the measured sample is in the measuring the cylinder;

automatic disconnection of power supply;

automatic temperature compensation in the analysis;

individual adjustment of factory calibration;

automatic power disconnection.


Accuracy - ±0.5%

The precision is ±0.2 %

measurement method - electric

measuring range humidity from 8 to 45%

dimensions - mm 210x75x75

the number of calibrations - 20 pieces

weight - 0.6 kg

power - 9 Volt battery