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The grain moisture meter Wile-65

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
Price:5 130 UAH
Company:Dragonfly GMM
Seller:Pchelintsev Yurij
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Wile 65

The hygrometer Wile 65 is designed for rapid measurement humidity and temperature of cereals, legumes and oil-bearing crops, and products of their processing.

Measuring range humidity :

• for grains and legumes 8-35%

• for oilseeds 5-25%

The hygrometer Wile 65 is used to measure humidity whole grains and seeds. The moisture content in the measured weight is displayed on the display in percent weight.

Function moisture meter:

• automatic compensation of temperature differences and hygrometer the environment

• automatic averaging of multiple measurements

• the possibility of an amendment to the scale of measurement for the result obtained by the method of kiln drying

• easy to read text LCD display facilitates the use of the device

• the ability to measure temperature using additional temperature sensor Wile 651

• automatic shut-off device

Measuring sensors must be ordered separately:

• Wile 651 temperature sensor