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Chocolate horse-symbol of 2014 - a gift for colleagues and clients

Offer type: salePublished: 23.09.2013
Seller:Smolenskij Timofej
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast', Moscow
September is a good time to order Christmas corporate gifts. Business season has already begun, but the souvenir company does not suffer the
influx proposalsa with a choice of presents for customers, which will complicate the production of original Souvenirs closer to December. And as always
relevant and enjoyable gift to the beginning of the New year will be chocolate symbol of the year - the figure of the animal, the patron of the year according to
The Eastern calendar.
In 2014, this animal is the Horse, and this means that it is high time to order for your colleagues, customers, partners, chocolate horses -
figurines horse of chocolate.
Chocolate horse - gift, ideal for a business gift. It is a reminder of how important the work and what sweet fruit he
can bring. Figure chocolate horses charge and the recipient, and the donor energy for productive work at all the next 12 months.