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Weighing machine for packaging bulk products. Price from 160 T. D.

Offer type: salePublished: 23.09.2013
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Address:Russian Federation, Yaroslavskaya Oblast', Yaroslavl
Dispenser for open bags of the HOUSE-8, is suitable for packing powdery, granular and lump products in open bags.
In this dispenser, the process of filling goes directly into the bag, digital display dispenser indicates the real weight of the Packed product in the bag.
The dispenser has an electro-pneumatic control, based on the transformation of signals from a remote control and a strain gauge on the master controller.
The dispensers used Pneumatics company "Camozzi (Italy) and SMC (Japan), the controller of the company "Mitsubishi (Japan), German strain gages, etc.
Dispenser for open bags of the HOUSE-8 belongs to the group of filling machines. The only manual operation is putting on the bag. The rest of the process of packaging products is fully automated, including the reset Tatarinova bag.
The process of filling the dispenser is held in two modes coarse (fast) and exact (slow) packing.
Depending on the properties of bulk solids metering device may have different dosing devices: bolt, screw or belt feeder.
To output the filled bag from the filling zone of the sewing or welding neck of the bag can be equipped with a belt conveyor.