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The current collector KC-6476.620.01.000, KS-6478.620.00.000, TSU-15

Offer type: salePublished: 23.01.2018
Seller:Korolev Aleksandr
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Address:Kamyshin, Russian Federation, Volgogradskaya Oblast'
Sell spare parts for crane Ivanovets: collector KC-6476.620.01.000, KS-6478.620.00.000, KS-B-1.620.00.000, KS-A.224.00.000, TSU-15 LLLI.565212.001-15, TKA;
repair kit seals rubber cylinder for crane KS-3571, KS-I, KS-I, KS-I, KS-4562.31.200, KS-4562.31.300, KS-4572, KS-4573.31.200, KS-4573.31.300, KS-4574, KS-5476, KS-5576, KS-I, KS-B, KS-B-1, KS-K, KS-K-1, KS-55735, KS-6476, KS-I, KS-6476-1, KS-6478, KS-65740, KS-6973;
cuff turntable SDA for any crane.