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Cylinder, turn-By-700 (700.

Offer type: salePublished: 07.03.2018
Seller:Panchenko Maksim
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Address:Odessa oblast', Odesa, Ukraine
Cylinder 700. Designed for lifting accessories), and steering of the tractor K-700, K-701, 703, forklift PC.01, to rotate the roller rinks VK-24.
Cylinder ZIL 3-4 rod, Cylinder GAS 4 rod, Cylinder KAMAZ Padma body of the trailer 3 rod (farmer), Cylinder KAMAZ truck), Cylinder MAZ 5551 3 rod, Cylinder CA-55 CA-I, CA-I, CA-100x200(C. of O./ n), CA-h(BDU), the hydraulic Cylinder swivel T-150 (C. of O./ N. O.), the hydraulic Cylinder hydraulics power T-150(CA-125), the Cylinder rotation hinge K-700, Cylinder KUN (HH), Cylinder (HH), Cylinder (HH), Cylinder PTS, PTS, PTS, PTS.
Delivery of spare parts is carried out from the Central warehouses of the city of Melitopol, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk courier services of Ukraine, such as Autolux, Gunsel, Delivery, mail, Intime, Euroexpress, SAT.
Payment for the goods receipt ( cod) or Bank transfer.
Good luck with your purchase, we are always happy to advise You on any question related to the acquisition of spare parts. And remember your rights, You are always within 14 days from date of purchase may return the purchased parts and get your money back.