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English for children Brovary

Offer type: servicesPublished: 09.08.2019
Seller:Tutoring Professional
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Address:Kyiv Oblast', Brovary, Ukraine
English for children
Advantages, in our opinion, our Centre for foreign languages! Professional Tutoring! in this aspect.
First focus your attention on the fact that in this period the development of the child's personality is formed such private activities, like writing, reading, computer work, painting, beginning design of composite activities. Based on the above chastnih activities developers of the author's method of learning English, which we propose to use, has created a unique textbooks. They include methods that will help to develop the child as visual imagery and visual-motor memory in the study of grammar and learning vocabulary that largely makes learning English fast and as efficient as possible.
Secondly, we take into account the individual characteristics of each student regarding the cognitive sphere of the child. This means that one is easier to comprehend the material by seeing, others by hearing; one that requires a particular view of the material, and the other is a schematic, etc. Ignoring the unique characteristics of each, as practice shows, leads to various kinds of difficulties of learning English. So when meeting with each student we pay great attention to the individual characteristics of each, which gives positive results, namely 93% of our students do not have difficulties with the English language.
thirdly, our strength is the development of thinking in English, the formation of the mind (mental action plan),which in turn raises self-esteem, and removes any barriers that may have already arisen at the moment.
fourth in this age category, we advise you to do individually or in individual pairs, taking into account the previous years.
fifthly, according to our author's method of working with children from 7 years.