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Sell Silica Gel Xcg

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Silica gel reveals the sorbent in the form of a dried gel of silicic acid. Silica gel has a porous structure and highly developed internal surface. To obtain silica gel using a solution of sodium silicate and sulfuric acid or aluminum sulfate, the resulting product is washed and dried.
Silica gel is used as an adsorbent for the dehydration of air in rooms with high humidity, and air which is supplied to the compressors. The silica gel used for the dehydration of natural and industrial gases: oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, chlorine, etc., the Silica gel can be used for bleaching and drying of liquids which do not dissolve the water. Silica gel used for the treatment of industrial oils. The silica gel used in the production of fillers for Pets toilets.One of the important directions of the use of silica gel as a desiccant for prolonged storage, for example:
mechanical equipment, machines, parts of machines;
leather products, leather (shoes, clothes, bags);
food products;
dry-charged batteries.
Silica gel IBC - Large large-pore Silica gel Granular.
Silica gel is used as a dehumidifier when the humidity is 80%. Also, the silica gel used for the treatment of industrial oils.