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Loctite, Henkel Teroson, Evotite, Kroxx, Chester molecular, Cosmofen, Rite-lok, Loxeal, Emfi, Sika

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Price:4 UAH
Company:OOO PKSF Avalon LTD
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Address:Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv

fix threaded shaft and bushing connection (shaft-bearing housing-bearing, shaft-hub) - anaerobic adhesive Evotitethat allow you without any cost, effort and time to fix the bearing in place shall be loose (possible fix from weak to strength with an operating temperature range of-55C to +S), prevent spontaneous "proslavlenie" threaded connections, zamorazhivanie, even under high frequency vibrations;

            - firmly glue rubber products, plastics, metal, wood, leather, ceramics, ferrites, stone, cork, glass- cyanoacrylate glue Kroxx. These glue allow the combination of surfaces to be glued without compression. Do not require heating. Not contain of solvents. Insoluble, atmosferostojki. Curing time - a few seconds. The tensile strength of 35 N/mm2. One component. Canacristina glue mof the can with successfully applied in automated production.

            - fix various leaks technical fluids for threaded and flanged connections (including the flanges complex geometric shapes) at high pressures (up to 350 ATM) - anaerobic adhesive and sealants Evotitethat provide reliable sealing even with large gaps (up to 0.7 mm). They easy to apply, resistant to oil and many chemicals substances.

            - restore a worn shaft, a stem, a seat for the bearing, to eliminate the marriage when casting metal, to eliminate microporosity casting products of powder metallurgy (steel, iron, aluminum, copper, bronze)- liquid metals Chester Molecular. This two-component epoxy compositions with metal fillers, which are used to repair and restoration of steel, cast iron, aluminum, and copper details details on the basis of aluminum alloys. They pgrowths in use. Don't shrink when the polymerization. Quickly restore worn surfaces. Have a high the content of metal in the final polymerization have all properties of the metal. Be mechanically treated.

          Currently the main activities of the company is the introduction of new energy-saving materials and technologies of leading Western companies such asEvotite."(China), "Chester" (Poland), "KROXX in.Co" (South Korea) as well as execution of works on repair of these materials.