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The jute rope for a wooden house

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Seller:Andrej Vasil'ev
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

The jute rope, jute rope used for finishing wooden houses, houses made of timber.

The jute rope, jute rope used for finishing wooden houses, houses made of beams, for finishing joints between logs of wooden houses inside and outside, in the final stage of construction. Finish jute rope, jute rope log home brings aesthetic originality and additional protection between logs connections from moisture, dust.

Jute rope, jute rope extraordinarily beautiful, resistant to humidity.

The jute rope, jute rope made of jute twine. Jute is an annual tropical spinning plant, growing country - India and Bangladesh.

Jute rope, jute rope have a nice Golden color. Finish with a decorative rope and rope of jute joints between logs cracks between logs of wooden houses gives a classic, finished look of a log home. Makes a special Oriental flavor internal and external areas of the house from the tree.

Very often when the interiors of a house or apartment used decorative jute ropes. Jute fibers are a common material for the production of ropes of jute. Besides ropes and ropes range of jute fiber is quite large, it is made of: furnishing fabrics, splits, carpets and other decorative products. The jute ropes, jute ropes are used generally for decorative purposes in log houses and apartments stylized for the old Russian style. Jute rope has a yellowish-Golden color and very attractive texture of the weave.

Jute braided rope products with a Golden hue. One of the most common materials for the manufacture of ropes is jute. Also, the jute fiber is widely used for the manufacture of ropes, twines, technical, packaging, furniture and other fabrics, carpets. Ropes, compared with ropes, products are more flexible, they are well connected node and the goods do not stain in contact. They are used for lifting non-critical loads, as well as for packaging, business and support needs. The most common trehpryadnye rope rope lay. Technical ropes are produced with a diameter of 4.5-30 mm, economic 6.5 to 28 mm.