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Ammonium sulfate

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Ammonium sulfateis a salt, white or clear crystals are soluble in water, insoluble in acetone, ethanol and ether.
The density 1,769 g/cm3. Melting point - 235-280° C, the decomposition temperature is 218° C.
In industry the ammonium sulfate obtained in the form of crystals in the interaction of ammonia and sulfuric acid as the direct method and the method of oxymorphine cyclohexanone and neutralization ether sulfate and free sulfuric acid with ammonia, resulting in the Beckmann rearrangement in the production of caprolactam.
Also ammonium sulfate is a product of the trapping of ammonia with sulfuric acid for coking coal, metallurgical industry, production of caprolactam. In accordance with the production process coke sulfate & ammonium sulphate have significant admixtures of compounds, even heavy metals.