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Alyumohromfosfatnogo binder.

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Address:Ukraine, Donets'ka Oblast', Donetsk
Alyumohromfosfatnogo binderis a colorless or slightly yellow liquid, consisting of an acidic phosphate salt of aluminum and free phosphoric acid.
Is a high temperature adhesive, is used in the installation and repair of refractory linings of furnaces, fixtures, high temperature sensors, for laying refractory bricks in furnaces for the manufacture of insulating and refractory coatings and products, gunning, adhesives, cements, high temperature adhesives, and for other purposes.
Withstands temperatures up to 1800° C, its resistance is 3-4 times higher compared to the ligaments on the basis of liquid glass.

Chemical formula: CrAl3(H2PO4)of 8.8 and 9.6

Alyumohromfosfatnogo binder (AHFS, high temperature adhesive) features:
- high resistance;
- chemical and thermal resistance;
- metal and slag resistance.

The main consumers alyumohromfosfatnogo binder are metallurgy, pipe, metal processing enterprises, enterprises of machine building, instrument-making, electronic industry, coke enterprises and enterprises for the production of ceramic and glass products.