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Silver nitrate(Silver nitrate).

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Silverand RTDandt, silver nitrate, AgNO3, colorless crystals of two modifications - orthorhombic and rhombohedral (stable above 157 °C). The density 4,352 g/cm3 (19 °C), melting point 209,6 °C solubility in water of 69.5% by weight (20 °C). S. B. forms of nitrates of alkali and alkaline earth metals and solid solutions. When heated to 350 °C. n decomposes with the formation of metallic silver. Under the action of reducing agents (hydrogen sulfide) is formed of metallic silver. Get C. D. the action of HNO3 to silver in the presence of traces of HNO2. S. D. is used to produce all other compounds of silver, used in polipropileno, as a catalyst and oxidant in organic chemistry and analytical chemistry in the manufacture of mirrors, to obtain dyes used in the textile industry; finds application in medicine as an astringent, cauterizing, microbicides.