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Benzoic acid.

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Benzoonina acidsand, the simplest aromatic acid, C6H5COOH; colorless shiny crystals. First isolated by distillation in the early 17th century from gum benzoin (benzoin), hence got the name. The melting point of 122°C., B. K. dissolves well in organic solvents, in water is bad; easily sublimates; distilled with steam. Get B. K. oxidation of toluene with nitric or chromic acid and decarboxylation of phthalic acid.

B. C. in the form of esters and salts found in a variety of natural essential oils, such as clove. In medicine it is used for skin diseases topically as an antiseptic (antimicrobial) and fungicidal (anti-fungal) funds, and the sodium salt of B. K. - as an expectorant. In addition, the sodium salt of B. K. used for canning food products. Esters B. C. (from methyl to amyl), with a strong smell, used in the perfume industry. Various derivatives B. K., for example chlorine - nitrobenzoic acid, is widely used for the synthesis of dyes.