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Manganese ore.

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Manganese ore - type minerals, natural mineral formation, the content of manganese which is enough for the cost-effective extraction of this metal or its compounds. The most important ore-forming minerals include: pyrolusite MnO2·H2O (63,2% Mn), psilomelane mMnO·MnO2·nH2O (45-60% Mn), the manganiteMnO·Mn(OH)2 (62,5% Mn), the vernadite MnO2·H2O (44-52% Mn), braunite Mn2O3 (69,5% Mn), hausmannite Mn3O4 (72% Mn), rhodochrosite MnCO3 (47,8% Mn), alignit (Mn, Fe)CO3 (23-32% Mn), the manganocalcite (Ca, Mn)CO3 (up to 20-25% Mn), rhodonite (Mn, Ca)(Si3O9) (32-41% Mn), bustamite (Ca, Mn)(Si3O9) (12-20% Mn).
Manganese ore is divided into chemical and metallurgical. The first contain at least 80% of MnO2. They are used in galvanic cells, in the manufacture of glass, ceramics,mineral dyes, "manganese" (KMnO4). Ores containing less than 80% of pyrolusite, called metallurgical and are used in ferrous metallurgy. Manganese in the formalloys with iron (ferromanganese) and silicon (silicomanganese) is the production of rail and structural steel, alloyed alloys based on aluminium, magnesium and copper.