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Zinc sulphate.

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ZINC SULFATE (ZINC SULPHATE, ZINC SULPHATE)zinc Sulfateis a colorless transparent prismatic crystals or crystalline powder binder taste, no smell. Is the zinc salt of sulfuric acid. The air disappears. Very easily soluble in water, practically insoluble in ethanol, slowly soluble in glycerol. Aqueous solutions are acidic. Weak solutions of zinc sulfate turbid during the hydrolysis due to the discharge of sediment.
Zinc sulfate is widely used in electroplating, and in the manufacture of artificial fibers. In chemical industry it is used in the manufacture of viscose, glazes, good and to protect the wood from rotting, necessary and in metallurgy.
It is also used as a mordant in the textile industry, and as a bleach in the pulp and paper industry.
Pharmaceuticals used in antivortex creams, cleansers for the face, means for olivani.
In medicine from zinc sulfate eye drops are made, dentistry is also actively applies this chemical element. Zinc sulfate has astringent, antiseptic, drying, immunomodulatory effects on the human body. Indications for topical application - laryngitis, conjunctivitis, vaginitis, urethritis.
Zinc sulfate is a universal fertilizer is applied zinc deficiency in the soil, which is used for fruit, vegetable, berry and flower crops. Intended for foliar feeding of crops during the growing season, the zinc content of 18-22%. Application of zinc sulphate reducing time of ripening, to increase the yield and increase the content of sugars and vitamins in the fruit. Especially effective when feeding on fruit crops, as well as tomatoes and potatoes.
Laboratory practice is another area of usage of zinc sulphate.