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Titanium carbide pseudoplatanus.

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Titanium increases the strength and hardness of stainless steel, durable heat-resistant steels improves their weldability. Titanium carbide is used not only to improve the properties of iron and steel, but also as stand-alone material for so-called hard alloys, abrasives, in the production of materials for tools and other important parts and components.
First titanium carbide was obtained in 1887 when machining ti cast iron with hydrochloric acid. The substance was very hard and brittle, with some metallic properties such as luster, good electrical conductivity. In its heat resistance of titanium carbide is superior to all other refractory carbides: it melts at a temperature of over 3000 °C. nowadays, the titanium carbide is produced by calcination of titanium dioxide and carbon black in a special induction furnaces.
Titanium carbide is one of the most stable substances that can withstand sudden temperature changes. It is widely used as a basis to obtain a heat-resistant alloys, cutting tools for processing viscous materials, due to the high hardness is used for grinding.Together with tungsten carbide and cobalt, it is part of the so-called metal-ceramic hard alloys. Cutting tools made of materials which will allow you many times to increase the processing speed steels. Carbide tools significantly increase the productivity in Metalworking, mining, coal and other industries. They also allow to handle viscous materials, which are not able to cope conventional cutters.
Due to the high hardness, heat resistance and heat resistance of the titanium carbide is used to produce the material used to make turbine blades of jet aircraft engines, protective coatings for nozzles and nose cones of missiles.