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Phosphoric acid 85%.

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Phosphoric acid is a medium-strength acid, tribasic, forming 3 rows of phosphates. When heated solution of phosphoric acid can observe the process of dehydration, resulting in formation of a condensed phosphoric acid. Phosphoric acid is produced by two common methods: extraction and thermal. When the extraction method, the phosphoric acid is obtained by reaction of sulfuric and phosphoric acids. When using thermal phosphoric acid is obtained by burning phosphorus.

Phosphoric acid has a wide range of applications:
Food industry Use as an additive, as indicated E338
The production of carbonated water used as acidity regulator
Agriculture Farming uses the actual feeding of the phosphoric acid solution in the preventive purposes at higher pH of the stomach, and kidney stones animals
Dentistry Solution relieves tooth enamel before sealing the tooth

The cost of phosphoric acid is accessible for customers with different monetary possibilities.

To date, the phosphoric acid can be used in the following cases:

for the production of DETERGENTS - detergents;
for the manufacture of fertilizers (phosphate and compound type) and technical phosphates;
in the manufacture of phosphate salts of aluminum, ammonium, manganese, calcium, sodium;
for the production of film and activated carbon;
for the manufacture of glass, ceramics, refractories and refractory binder;
for weaving fabrics impregnated, fire-resistant (textile industry);
as a catalyst for organic synthesis;
when the phosphating of metals;
to conduct research in the field of molecular biology;
in the Metalworking industry when carrying out polishing and cleaning metal surfaces;
during the soldering on black metal, oxidized copper or stainless steel as a flux;
to clean metal surfaces from rust, resulting in a protective film that prevents further corrosion.