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Boric anhydride.

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The boron oxide B2O3 - anhydride of boric acid, colorless, quite refractory vitreous or crystalline substance bitter taste, the dielectric.

Vitreous boron oxide has a layered structure (the distance between the layers 0.185 nm), in the layers of the boron atoms are located inside equilateral triangles BO3 (d-Oh=0.145 nm). This modification melts at temperatures 325-450 °C and has a high hardness. It is obtained by heating boron in air at 700 °C or dehydration of boric acid. Crystalline B2O3, which is obtained by careful removal of water from the boric acid NWO exists in two versions - with a hexagonal crystal lattice, at 400 °C and 2200 MPa passing in monoclinic.