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Spirit 6 - professional cleaner spray

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Price:125 UAH
Seller:Tereschenko Konstantin Petrovich
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Address:Ukraine, Khmel'nyts'ka Oblast', Khmel'nyts'kyy
• degreases the surface, remove with machines and tools
traces of glue, grease, old oil and other deposits
• used for laundering of castles and other fine
mechanisms that have been greased
• removes grease, rust and improves the functioning of the mechanisms
(car antennas, locks)
• does not dry the surface
• on the cleaned surface there is a thin protective film
• used for installation and repair work
• excellent adhesive residues and cleans ink from printing machines
(printing on fabrics), facilitates cleaning of the adhesive from adhesive tapes
Perfectly removes adhesive residue and SPIRIT SPIRIT 5 5 Strong
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