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Buy flocculants, buy ion-exchange resin

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
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Address:Russian Federation

On regular basis or one-time buy fluorescein, uranin And glue-laconic, potassium dichromate. The materials of interest with residues, with storage, with the state reserve, unclaimed and expired. Invite coal BAU-A, DAK, OU-A, OU-B, AG-3, coconut. Buy zeolite Na-A, Na-X, Ca-A, Ca-X. Buy flocculants bestlock (Besflok), magnafloc (Magnafloc), the Praestol (praestol), superfloc (Superfloc), setag (Zetag). Buy ion exchange resins are imported, buy cultural exhaust, buy the cation exchanger and the anion exchanger used with the CHP power plant, water utilities, wastewater treatment, boiler rooms. Offer unsolicited material. Offer, buy silica gel XCG, IBCS, SSKG, SSMG, indicator with expired shelf life or in former use. Pickup all over Russia! Call a deal! 8963 0 121 333 Lyudmila.