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MPG-Caps™ is a 100% organic product

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
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Company:TOV Pchela
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MPG-Caps™ is a 100% organic product to internal combustion engines, which also provides real fuel economy, increase engine power and reduces harmful exhaust gases. MPG-Caps™ - creates the catalytic microparties thickness of 0.01 MK on the surfaces of the combustion chamber, the valves and the piston, pre-clearing the engine from scale and in use prevents the formation of soot on the plugs ignition, piston, rings and valves.

Catalytic the effect:

* accelerating the combustion of fuel at the beginning of the compression stroke increases the power of the engine;
* reduction of the heating temperature of the engine;
* improves the removal from the combustion chamber unburned fuel residues;
* increase the life of spark plugs and injectors;
* the extension of the exhaust system of the engine and the catalyst;
* reduction of engine detonation;
* lowers various mechanical noises and this helps to improve the quality drive;
* improves the performance of the ignition system at extreme temperatures in winter and in the summer, and amplifies the power of the engine at high speeds and steep the climbs;
* real-world fuel economy by 7% - 25%;
* extension of service life of the motor;
* reduction of up to 75% WITH and harmful exhaust gases emitted into the atmosphere.

MPG-Caps™ ideal for all types of fuel gasoline - diesel - ethanol. Mthe can be used in all types of internal combustion engines, including fossil fuel installed on cars, trucks, motor boats, ATVs, generators, pumps, motorcycles, snowmobiles, mopeds, boats, lawn mowers, etc.

As to use the MPG-Caps™?
1 capsule MPG-Cap™ (0.5 g) is designed for 40-60 liters of any fuel. The capsule is lowered directly into the fuel tank before refueling, and is used at each refueling. After the first use is formed the catalytic coating in the combustion chamber. If You stop using the product, the coating will disappear but will reappear again as soon as You add MPG-Cap™ is back. Note that the MPG-Cap™ has an impact on new and old cars, but sometimes it may take 4 - 6 refills before than You check fuel savings.

Product absolutely safe for both machines and humans and the environment. Insured AUTO OWNERS INSURANCE COMPANY in the amount of 1,000,000$ for each insurance case. The product is registered in the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency: environmental protection USA) No. 21882001. Tested on security U.S. Department of labor - MSDS-no CRF1910.120029. The technology is patented and the item can only be purchased from distributors the company FFi. Delivery of the product is carried out in more than 200 countries.

The cost of MPG-Caps™ 200 hryvnia. To order product or to become a partner You can phone 0505857666, 0979519729, 0634779074 or on Skype vyhovanko. How many people and what are the results of product You can look at the website Call we write take the optimal decision of Your order Michael