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Antifreeze for heating systems

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Price:125 UAH
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

Our company proposes to implement a universal, an antifreeze liquid propylene glycol-based anti freeze Teco". Used as an antifreeze coolant in Autonomous systems of heating, air conditioning and other heat exchangers residential buildings, office and warehouse space, industrial buildings, operating at ambient temperature to -30°C. the Antifreeze can work with all types of heating boilers (gas, diesel, electric).
The use of antifreeze as a coolant protects the system from damage caused by freezing water. The onset temperature of crystallization Antifreeze Teco" - minus 30°C. Higher, due to the physical properties boiling point ensures optimal thermal operation.
"Antifreeze Teco" has no corrosiveness against metals and their physico-chemical properties is itself a corrosion inhibitor. Therefore, the "Antifreeze Teco" in conjunction with corrosion additives has high chemical resistance to copper, brass, aluminum and steel details and lines and also to the solders.
Thermophysical properties of the coolant are characterized by high stability provided by the ability to dissolve limescale and corrosion products on the walls of the equipment and pipelines. Antifreeze softens resinously, shows no aggression to polymers, lubricates moving parts of the pumps.
"Antifreeze Teco" fire safe and healthy, so is ideal for use in residential areas where it is not recommended the use of extremely toxic coolants.