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Fuel pump injection pump A-01M,T-4A T-10 03-s

Offer type: salePublished: 11.09.2019
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Address:Odessa oblast', Odesa, Ukraine

Application: Tractor T-AS, graders DZ-A, DZ-180. The pumping station. Compressor station, Front loaders-18B, 28A. Excavator EO-4225.


The family of 6-cylinder engines with vertical cylinders A-01 627.1111005-30
Fuel pumps (fuel pump) used in diesel engines in tractors for submission to the cylinders of the diesel engine under a certain pressure and at a certain point the exact portions of the fuel corresponding to the load.

Tractor T-4A, T-AP
Graders DZ-122, DZ-143, RS-180, RS-148
The excavators EO-M, EO-4124
Road pavers DU-58, DN-62
Hydraulic excavators ICC-71A, ICC-7, PL-19A
Cleaning machine OM-1422, OHM-P
Pneumococci DU-58, Doo-59

And accessories injection pump A-01 :

1.Jet A-41,A-01 catalog number (A-SB).

2.Spray A-01 catalog number (A-01).

3.Pump manual swap TND LSTN A-41,A-01 (16-C30-8A-30).