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Fuel pump fuel pump UMZ, D-65 UTM-P-1111005

Offer type: salePublished: 11.09.2019
Price:1 300 UAH
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Address:Odessa oblast', Ukraine, Odesa

Engines: RM-80, RM-120, D-65, D-P. Installed on diesel engines with a cylinder volume of 1.5 liters and power on one cylinder up to 20 kW.

Fuel pumps of a high pressure injection pump D-65 UMZ UTM-P-1111005:
Applicability Tractors UMZ-6 and modification, loaders PE-0, 8B, AC-1,0, shovel universal excavators EO-A, Excavator e-304, gamalutdinova UGB-50 winch t-40M, asfaltoukladchiki installation of crushing and screening, excavators, drilling rigs of SBADM-150-ZEEV, pavers D-150D, Diesel-electric units AD-20, Skidders TDT-40M, Diesel-electric units AD-30, Diesel electric AD-20, the Tractor LTZ-EV.