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Will sell the timber dushku

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

Board edging to buy You may have, is a product primary processing of wood. Its characteristic feature is that its edges are covered the bark. Most often, a Board edging is made of softwood, that is, spruce or pine. Used boards uncut for produce various kinds of flooring, siding, trim, roof, load-bearing designs etc. where you don't have a particularly attractive appearance, and you can also make the fence of a wooden Board. In order to choose quality material, you need to carefully ensure that the Board was not knots, as they do not affect the strength of the material.

Affordable price for the entire range!

Our company offers to buy untrimmed Board only the highest quality, we have the widest range.

If Are you tired of typing in the search words “buy a Board edged“, welcome to contact us! The price will be acceptable for You, and You will be pleased to cooperate.

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PRICE PER 1 m3 from 800 UAH.

Boards, uncut price asandYou pleasantly surprised, will allow You to realize all Your ideas!




Price may vary depending on production volume. Delivery is possible.


 Most popular lumber is Board edged. Make the Bulletin Board edged out coniferous wood, in particular spruce and pine, and is used mainly for finishing works and building frames and supporting structures.

The name of the Board edged received due to the fact that during the longitudinal cutting logs edges covered with bark, cut off. As a result, the top cutting boards get smooth, pleasant to the touch, which increases as demand, cost cutting boards on the market of construction materials.

Selling cutting boards is one of the leading directions activities of our company. We offer our customers to buy boards, cost which is the most profitable.

If You are looking for, where the most profitable lumber Board cut the price in Kiev and Kiev region, you will certainly pay attention to our conditions. Because here You will be able to buy a Board edged at the most affordable price, while get all guarantees of quality and excellent service.




- 4, 4.5 m - 1200 UAH.

- 6.0 m - 1300 UAH.


Quality edged Board, buy You can us, will last for many years!





Price may vary depending on production volume. Delivery is possible.


One of the most common construction material is wood the timber. The main raw material for its manufacture - conifers tree, but can be used by other species. On the beam the pricedepends on the used wood processing method, size and other factors.

Timber wooden prevents the ingress of external moisture into the room that was built from it, because has a flat horizontal seams. Buy timber to build a house - this is a bet on environmental friendliness, safety, reliability and excellent design.

Most quality timber you can buy from us.


Timber wood pricesand the lowest in city - only here, hurry up to order!


PRICE PER 1 m3 from 1200 UAH.









Price may vary depending on production volume. Delivery is possible.



One of the services our company is shipping boards to the buyer at a certain location given upon purchase. If You order a small lot of goods, You can collect it yourself, in the presence of transport funds. If you order a large batch, we will offer You shipping.

In the shortest possible time our couriers will bring You products Cost delivery will depend on the destination.

It should be noted that we there is a discount system for permanent cooperation, and we can offer special conditions of deliveryand in Kiev.



With us always beneficial to cooperate!










Price, UAH.




The Board does not edged


cubic meters


from 800 UAH.




Edged Board


cubic meters


from 1200 UAH.






cubic meters


from 1200 UAH.