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Mid-early breed Prole

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
Price:4 UAH
Seller:Andrej Vladimirovich
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Address:Ukraine, Khersons'ka Oblast', Hola Prystan'

Norik offers a variety of German potato that is unique and specific. 1. Characteristic varieties Prol -mid-early breed , perfectly used for the production of chips and dried of potato products. Low content of sugars that are restored, remains in the storage period is stable, which allows the use of tubers for processing even after prolonged storage. Due to the high content of dry matter and minor content of sugars that are restored, Prol finds its application also for the production of potato products produced using the extrusion process. When processing has a good yield.

2. Culinary quality Prole Has excellent taste razvaristyi texture (type of cooking In-C), acquires a slight discoloration of the pulp after cooking, contains 17-19% starch.

3. Peculiarities of growth and development Rate similarities fast. Has a fast initial development. Growth topped strong, the high bushes, napupunta intermediate type. Flowers politologai, the number of flowers medium to high.

4. Keeping quality is Very good. A long period of storage.

Price - 4.80 UAH/kg, 3.50 USD/kg

From Norik - Ukraine-official distributor of the German company Norika on the territory of Ukraine.