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Varieties of potatoes Cartop

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
Price:5 UAH
Seller:Ryibalko Elena Aleksandrovna
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1. Description grade Cartop very early, productive and quality breed, for the early supply of fresh market potatoes. Characterized by a significant proportion of marketable tubers. Variety suitable for early germination and early growing under the film. When a sufficient supply of water (irrigation) forms a large number of tubers, which is of great importance for realizing the yield potential of this variety. Cartop, grown on good soils, is particularly attractive. This potato well suited for mechanized peeling, with minor loss. 2. Culinary quality Karatepa He has a pleasant taste, mostly firm texture after cooking. In Karatepa there is a pleasant yellow flesh after heat treatment. 3. Peculiarities of growth and development. The rapid development of young shoots and foliage. Bush poluprostoi, intermediate type. Produces a lot of white flowers. Keeping quality is very good, the retention period medium to long. From Norik - Ukraine-official distributor of the German company Norika on the territory of Ukraine.