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organic fuel catalyst

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organic fuel catalyst

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350 UAH

The combustion catalysts MPG-BOOST ™ is an organic substance, affecting the combustion (oxidation) of fuels, belong to a separate, independent class fuel additives and are designed to increase the speed and completeness of combustion fuel mixture in the engines of modern cars.


The COMBUSTION CATALYST MPG-BOOST ™ is a versatile liquid the concentrate is applied on all types of vehicles both in warm and in cold season. Is added to the gasoline or diesel according to the dosage (see below). The advantage of MPG-BOOST ™ dry before types catalyst MPG-CAPs ™ and MPG-MEGA-CRUMBs ™ that mixing it with fuel in appropriate proportion, almost immediately ready for operation.

The result of combustion catalysts MPG-BOOST ™ is:

• Improving the environmental characteristics of engines, due to more complete fuel combustion (reduction of emissions of CO, CH and NxO in the exhaust gases on 60-90%;

• Reduce specific fuel consumption by 7-14% (official data of the company); real data in Ukraine depending on the type of engine: the city of 10-20% / highway 15-35%;

• Protection of the fuel system, the engine and the catalytic Converter from low-quality fuel;

• Cleaning of the combustion chamber, valves, plugs, injectors and gazovyhlopa tract of a Deposit;

• Improved acceleration dynamics of the car due to increased capacity and The efficiency of the engine;

• Reduction of thermal and mechanical strength of the engine and valves;

• Reduced wear and longer engine life; reducing noise of the engine;

• Increased turnaround periods of the engine.

MPG-BOOST ™ dissolving in the fuel does not change its physical and chemical properties, but only uses it as a transport to get to the combustion chamber, where, under the influence of the temperature integrated begin active work the elements of the catalyst.

This type of catalyst is versatile and has been used successfully at all types of engines both petrol and diesel regardless of the age of the car in in more than 200 countries.

Due to the unique formula, organic compounds and minimum concentrations, catalysts

MPG-BOOST ™ are designed for extended use and is COMPLETELY SAFE FOR the ENGINE!

During this time MPG-BOOST ™ tested known centers in different parts of the world and has passed extensive tests on roads in different climatic conditions.


Before filling the car at the gas station concentrate MPG-BOOST ™ depending on dosage (see below) is placed in the fuel tank. Then the tank is filled with liquid fuel.


• for petrol: 1.0 ml per 10 liters of fuel

1 tank - 1.5 ml per 10 liters of fuel.

After use 1 tank, you can switch to using 1.0 ml per 10 litres

After the 3rd ... 5th tank you can try to 0.9 - 1.0 ml per 10 l (see fuel).

• for diesel: 1.5 ml per 10 liters of fuel

1 tank - 2.0 ml per 10 liters of fuel.

After use 1 tank, you can switch to using 1.5 ml per 10 litres

After the 3rd ... 5th tank you can try to 1.3 ml per 10 l (see the fuel consumption).


Liquid concentrate MPG-BOOST ™ is packaged in plastic bottles of ml.

One bottle 236ml designed for l gasoline or l diesel.

The price is for 1 bottle 236ml.

For more information and your wishes, You can get to report on phone (050) 58-57-666, (097) 95-19-729 Michael El. addresses., call us and we will take the optimal decision of Your order.