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The Teflon tube Hm heat-resistant PTFE

Offer type: salePublished: 09.04.2015
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The Teflon tube Hm heat resistant PTFE

Tube Teflon heat-resistant, designed for use in electrical machines, AC and DC (including those in water - and oil-submersible electric motors), as well as in electrical and electronic devices that operate in harsh environments and in the range temperatures from -60 to +200 or +250 °C.

Tube Teflon heat-resistant primenjajutsja:

- to create a solid insulating layer on elements of different shapes;

- for sealing and protection against mechanical impact and corrosion;

- for effective moisture-resistant insulation of electric connections, harnesses,

- to mate cable, terminals, etc. working in extreme conditions;

- for complete isolation of objects with a large difference of the diameters;

- to protect the kinks and protection from deformation.