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Seeds of chickpea "Triumph" elite

Offer type: salePublished: 01.03.2015
Company:OOO 'Ekspertiza-Lyuks'
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Address:Ukraine, Mykolayivs'ka Oblast', Mykolayiv

We offer seeds of chickpea "Triumph" 1 reproduction. Seeds are packaged in bags of 50kg.
The triumph. The variety is medium, the duration of the vegetation period - 94-98 days, flowering 30-35 day after germination. The Bush form polistampa, plant height - 55-60 cm, attaching the bottom of the bean - 20-22 see the Stalk, leaves and stipules pale green, anthocyanin pigmentation is absent. Leaves no waxy coating, size 0,4x1,1 cm, lanceolate, the edges of the leaves are sharply serrated. Flowers large, white, single, sail naked, pedicel short. The beans are large, size 2,h,3 cm, a rhombic shape, light green, when ripe, straw yellow, the nose is short, the average number of seeds in a bean - 1,1. The seeds are large, intermediate, surface wrinkled, beige, weight of 1000 seeds - 410-415 g, ribbed ovoid, the color of the hilum and nose yellow. Drought tolerance is high, relatively resistant to disease and Fusarium. Seeds accumulate 28-30% protein.
High-yield, the average yield for the years tested $ 1.69 t/ha when the 1.44 t/ha on the national standard for what 0.11 t/ha more than the varieties of Antaeus. In 2005, as a result of propagation of the variety in STP was obtained a yield of more than 2.1 t/ha