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Seeds of winter wheat Forest song

Offer type: salePublished: 01.03.2015
Company:DP Oranta TOV NVMP Antariya
Seller:Volinets' Roman Dmitrovich
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Address:Ukraine, Zhytomyrs'ka Oblast', Andrushivka
Forest song WINTER SOFT WHEAT _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sort of winter soft wheat Forest song displayed on Belotserkovsky experimental breeding station of the Institute of sugar beet UAAS by crossing mutant Belotserkovsky 47 squared No. 774 with varieties of winter wheat Odessa 162 with subsequent selection of elite plants in F4. The authors varieties: Burdeniuk-Tarasevich L. A., gull, A. N. In the Register of plant varieties of Ukraine since 2008 Distinctive features and approbation signs varieties Grade Forest song refers to the variety of eritrospermum, Bush polarizibility. Weight of 1000 seeds 45-g. Biological and economic characteristics Medium early, vykrashivaetsya for 3-5 days before pearl of the steppe and 3 days later Belotserkovsky napowrimo. The increased winter hardiness, based on field data and the camera freezing. Short - plant height 83-88 cm, resistance to lodging 8.5 points. Drought tolerance is 9 points. Resistant to leaf diseases, and to fusariose ear. High-performance: in the competitive strain testing breeding stations in different years had 80-82 kg/ha on average for 2 years state trials (2006-2007) in the area of Forest productivity Forest song totaled $ 69.2 kg/ha, at the level of standard grades Podolianka. In 2006, in Polissya zone 7 points test yield Forest song was 53,6, the pearl of the steppe - 49,4, Podomancy - 45,3 kg/ha In Volyn of DASR, respectively, Forest song - 56,7, the pearl of the steppe 47,9, Podomancy - 39,2 kg/ha On Andrushevsky DSDS of Zhytomyr DASR yield Forest song - 58,5, the pearl of the steppe - 43,1, Podomancy - 46,2 kg/ha On Borodyanskiy DSDS, respectively 62,4, 50,1, 34,2 kg/ha In the zone of Steppes in Volnyansk BCA Forest song had 57,2, Podolyanka - 44,8, Odessa 267 - 41,1 kg/ha, at Berezovskaya BCA Odessa region Forest song - 44,0, Podolyanka - 38,5, Odessa 267 - 40,9 kg/ha In extremely arid 2007 Berezhany BCA yield Forest song - 60,2 kg/ha, standards of Podomancy - 53,3, Ice -54,8 kg/ha On the most popular BCA, in accordance Forest song - 78,3, Podomancy Was 78.5, Ice - 74,1 kg/ha Baking quality. According to laboratory ders, grade Forest song attributed to strong wheat: protein content of 14.0%, gluten-29,0%, the strength of the flour 331 units, the amount of bread ml. Features growing technology. Sowing time - 2nd half of the optimum. The seeding rate is 5.5-6.0 million viable seeds per 1 ha