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Tee GOST 22801-83

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
Company:Truboprovodnyie sistemyi
Seller:Aleksandr Lebedev Vladimirovich
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Address:Russian Federation, Nizhegorodskaya Oblast', Nizhny Novgorod
LLC "Pipeline system": we Offer you our products: Manufacture of non-standard pipe fittings, high pressure Ru up to 100 MPa (GOST 22790-89, including under drawings of the customer, and The access hatch LL Do to 2220 mm TU 3683-585-05754941-07 including the rotary device. Tees, elbows, high pressure forged GOST 22801-83 GOST 22805-83 GOST 22822-83 etc. OST 26-01-29-82 OST 95-53-98; GOST 22799-83 GOST 22800-83 GOST 22820-83 etc. OST 26-01-26-82 OST 95-53-98 Transitions high pressure forged GOST 22826-83 GOST 22806-83 OST 26-01-33-82 OST 95-53-98 etc. Bends, elbows high pressure forged GOST 22793-83 GOST 22818-83 The outlets of the EXHAUST gas THAT 3647-095-00148139-00 Ru to me; Tees welded TC and welded overlays TSN thick THE 3647-095-00148139-00, THE 1469-002-14946399-06, THE 102-488-05 etc. Article 20, Art. 09G2S , GS, HM, 12H18N10T, NM etc. Taps pie-welded OSS to 2220 mm and Transitions rolled from Du THE 1469-002-14946399-06, THE 102-488-05, THE 51-29-81, OST 34-10-752-97, including non-standard, heavy wall, etc. Art. HM, HS etc. Flanges GOST 9399-81 GOST 22813-83 22815-83 22816-83 The attached certificate, the conclusion of the test. Details on the website: e-mail: phone (831)413-54-98 multichannel Fax (831)413-98-60 Nizhny Novgorod