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Sold blue British kittens from cattery

Offer type: salePublished: 01.03.2015
Company:Pitomnik britanskih koshek
Seller:Yuliya Valer'evna
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow
Known for its professional approach cattery British Shorthair Moscow offers elite blue kittens. Manufacturers exported from Europe, the latest bloodlines. Our kittens are expensive but they are worth it. First of all: 100% of Britons not only on the 4th lap, but next. Secondly, the nature of our kittens is just perfect, they contact and conflict-free, kind, and innocent. And this is not accidental, but is the result of years of breeding. I particularly draw your attention. These kittens can be kept in any family: older, with young children. Delivery in regions. Contacts: Website +7 (495)344-44-46 or 8-916-426-18-18 (Moscow) e-mail