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Urges,organo-microbial drug. The price of 48 USD.

Offer type: salePublished: 01.03.2015
Price:48 UAH
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine
Urges increases, purifies and intensifies the growth of seedlings, prolongs blooming houseplants, accelerates plant growth, ripening, increases resistance of plants to diseases and pests, significantly increases productivity. This new organo-microbial drug generic actions is rich in organic and mineral components that can effectively use it as a dressing for houseplants and seedlings. Basic properties: • promotes, improves and intensifies the growth of seedlings, prolongs blooming houseplants, improves their decorative qualities; • provides abundant flowering, good growth of ornamental plants and seedlings; • accelerates the growth of plants, ripening; • helps increase resistance of plants to diseases and pests; • significantly increases productivity; • in a joint application with the drug Baikal EM-1 can reduce time to restore the natural fertility of the soil; • promotes good health of the pet. Structure: deep fermented effective microorganisms (EM) vegetable waste, organic raw materials (shells, bagasse, sawdust, bran, fish, meat and bone meal) with the addition of zeolite, wood ash and minerals. Recommendations for use. For indoor plants in a flower pot with a diameter of 15 cm is fairly evenly pour 0.5 tsp. of argasi, on the box stronger seedlings dimensions of 20 x 40 cm - 1-2 tablespoon of powder. Fertilizer should be repeated 2-4 times per month: this is enough to provide abundant flowering, good growth of ornamental plants and seedlings. For root and foliar nutrition of vegetable crops 2-3 tbsp Argosy diluted in 10 l of warm water (18-30 °C), infuse for 2-3 hours and water the plants at the rate of 0.5-1 litre per square metre 1-2 times per month. Urges concentrate is also used to obtain GM-Argosy from solid food waste or bran. For this purpose on the bottom of the plastic bag should be placed shredded food waste (husks, potato peels, banana peels, watermelon rinds, remnants of bread, topped with vegetables, egg shells, fish bones, etc.,) a layer of 2-3 cm and evenly sprinkle the powder Argosy (orgas-starter), rate of 1 tbsp. of powder on each new layer until you are filled package. Package to place in the kitchen bucket with a grate at the bottom. The bottom of the package it is better to pierce with a fork in several places to prevent accumulation of fluid (in this case, and the lack of a dose of Argosy-starter package with food waste can cause unpleasant smell). Fermentation can last at room temperature for 3-4 days, after which the waste can be frozen on the balcony. During the winter, you can save 30-50 bags urgesi of food waste and to provide an effective fertilizer. In the spring of urges of food waste shall be entered in the field or under bushes at a depth of 10-15 cm by any convenient method, at the rate of 8-10 l Argosy per 1 m2. Such a fertilizer, as a rule, provides a 2-3-fold increase in yields. Although Urges not yet registered as feed for animals, birds and fish, however, conducted long-term studies allow the manufacturer to recommend the drug for the enrichment of the diet of our Pets. For animals and birds dose not limited to; enough to add to the feed 1 teaspoon per day dog, cat, pig, calf, ten chickens, etc. In the aquarium with a volume of 10 litres once a week also add a pinch Argosy. This allows not only to restore the health of the fish, but also to clean the aquarium. Release form: dry powder weighing 150 g in a cardboard box. 044 383-64-62 063 3938838