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Spinaroonie of polustelka. The price is 350 USD.

Offer type: salePublished: 30.03.2015
Price:350 UAH
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For prevention and complex therapy treatment of various forms of flat feet. Perfect is the wearing of arch support insoles in all types of used shoes. The arch support is an integral part of a good, well-designed footwear. However, the vast number of shoes devoid of such devices. Therefore, in order to prevent overload during prolonged standing, walking and physical activity need to take care of their health and use insoles. They will make Your walk more comfortable, alert overload stops and the possibility of developing various diseases.

Composition. Footbed is made of natural material grabadora. The composition of the liner-the arch support is copyrighted know-how.

• supports the arch of the foot;
• favors the stability of the foot when standing or walking;
• improves blood circulation of the feet;
• massaging the plantar surface of the foot;
• prevents fatigue of the feet;
• reduces pain when walking;
• contributes to a better climate in the Shoe;
• improves overall health;
• prevents the development of pathological conditions of the musculoskeletal system - the effects of flat feet.

Indications for use. The use spinaroonie insoles Bykov recommended in the following cases:
• the period of rapid growth in adolescents;
• advanced age;
• chronic fatigue stop;
• perform heavy physical exertion and a long walk;
• exercise;
• overweight and pregnancy;
• execution of works associated with prolonged standing on his feet;
• condition after surgery on the lower limbs and feet;
• condition after suffering injuries of the lower extremities;
• condition after prolonged bed rest;
• varicose veins of lower extremities;
• heel spurs;
• as treatment of early forms of flatfoot.

Recommendations for use. Remove the protective film from the double adhesive tape, attach the insole in shoes and tightly secure it.
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