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Offer type: salePublished: 16.09.2010

Hot blood is an energy drink produced in Germany and Austria and is now represented in
many countries. Hot blood is boosted with Taurine and a mix of vitamins positioned as both:
an energy boosting and life-style drink. Hot blood is gaining new enthusiastic customers
every day.
It´s a matter of time until this elegant and energy boosting drink will dominate your neighborhood, region and country.
Attractive design, shelf presence and its unbelievable price will make this product very
appealing to all your customers.
Hot blood is a compilation of passion with flavour, elegance with gold and seduction with
hot blood increases your physical and mental performance. Wherever, whenever and
whatever you are doing, it puts you in the zone. Each whit of its content is chosen carefully
to favour an optimum performance and a great taste for a magical vitality potion.
Thanks to a well-balanced mixture of vitamins and neurotransmitters Hot blood will reveal the energy stock in your body and help you consuming it in the most efficient way.
Hot blood doesn’t fatten, in contrary, it helps you to burn up the fat in your body. Whenever
your activity is, Hot blood will help you to boost it by maximizing your mental and physical
Hot blood is an essential energy drink for night time drivers.Hot blood has a reputation for
giving them more concentration and helping them staying awake.
Hot blood is a can of joy with a caramel flavour in gold. Once you open the cap, you'll be
instantly surrounded with its marked aura of scent telling you all about the hidden energy
inside the can.
Hot blood is an elegant and luxurious accessory. Its elegance in gold is calling for attention and keeping the beholder's eye tracking the bright of light reflecting from the sight of Hot blood.

Seller:tsvetkova Ekaterina Alexandrovna
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