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Polypropylene, jute, linen bags

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Made-to-size bags, bags, nets, mats, shelters of canvas, Oxford,taffeta, calico, danicki, twill fabric, burlap jute, linen -Bags of jute, flax GOST,polyester, polyamide, Oxford, cotton all sizes. The mail bags in your size from Oxford, taffeta -Gift pouches of Golden jute, calico, danicki, twill fabric, burlap, canvas (Christmas, gift, samples) prepared or according to your size. -Bags jute, flax, Oxford, cotton. Gift, promotions, shopping done, or according to your size. -Burlap jute, linen bag, packaging -Tarpaulins. Products made of tarpaulin: canopies, shelter, mats, covers, pouches insurance. -Envelopes of burlap for planting trees. -Jute twines, paper 0,8-5 ktex -Rope,jute rope,sisal crossovah lay. D=3-26mm -Insulation 100% jute in the band(tow) or needle-punched nonwoven fabric