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Power element for expansion valve Danfoss PHT 067B3304

Offer type: salePublished: 15.08.2020
Seller:Irina Petrovna
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Address:Ukraine, Odessa oblast', Odesa
Danfoss Made in Denmark, Denmark Thermostatik Expan. 067B3304 Thermostat Valve PHTX Freon – R22 -40 to+100C / -40 to+500F , Cap tube: 5m/16ft Power element for expansion valve Danfoss PHT 067B3304 Thermo-sensitive element under the nozzle with external equalization. Without the orifice, the valve body and flanges. Freon R22. The boiling point range: -40°C ... +10°C capillary tube Length 5 m. PHT thermostatic expansion valve controls the flow of refrigerant liquid into evaporators. The refrigerant flow is regulated by overheating at the evaporator outlet. Test pressure (PT) -42 bar (PHT 85-125), 28 bar (PHT 300) Working pressure (PS) -28 bar (PHT 85-125), 20 bar (300 PHT) Shipping: New mail at the buyer's expense. Contacts: Irina Petrovna, Viber - 067-486-08-98