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Complex fertilizer with chicken manure

Offer type: salePublished: 14.08.2020
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Seller:Shvachka Natal'ya
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Address:Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Balakliya

Use fresh chicken manure as fertilizer has long been known, but in modern farming don't it is possible to do without the latest technology. Use a granular fertilizer is the most effective and safe for plants.

Granular universal organic fertilizer with optimal nutrient balance, is not conducive only increased yield, but also restores the humus layer of the soil. It is established that the crop is largely formed by own soil nitrogen, which is mainly derived from humic substances of the soil. Therefore, if we exclude re-return to the soil of this part of nitrogen in the form of organic matter, even with intensive use of mineral fertilizers, nitrogen balance and humus of the soil will inevitably be negative.


· when the cultivation of crops

· for the landing seedlings, their establishment and annual fertilizing

· when the cultivation of vegetables, berry crops in open and protected ground

· Component preparation of substrates and Rundassa for seedling greenhouses

· fertilizer for planting flowers, plants, trees, spray plants, lawns, seedlings

Organic fertilizer can to make, at any time of the year.

Has a prolonged effect.

Without helminths, pathogenic bacteria and larvae of pests.

Easy and economical to use.

Comfortable with transportation.