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Residual chlorine analyzer AX-203

Offer type: salePublished: 11.08.2020
Price:2 000 UAH
Company:ChP Pavlov S.N.
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Address:Ukraine, Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Pavlohrad

Residual chlorine analyzer AX-203 is designed for automatically measure and record the concentration of residual active chlorine in clarified wastewater and in drinking water to work in the system automatic dosing of chlorine in the disinfection of natural and waste water.

Analyze the environment: natural or waste water with a total alkalinity not more than 4mg-equiv and content of suspended solids to 30 mg/l

Basic reduced error of ±4% of maximum the value of the measurement range.

The output unified signal of 0-5 mA DC.

In stock 2pcs. Analyzer AX-203 – new, not used, storage. Price 2000 UAH. per unit.

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