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Machines AP, AK, AE, BA, AST, Switch PV-2, APV Wire, Relay, RS-22

Offer type: salePublished: 08.08.2020
Seller:Chernobaj Irina
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Address:Ukraine, Odessa oblast', Odesa
Machines AP, AK, AE, BA, AST, Switch PV-2, APV Wire, Relay, RS-22 Cable XSA-1х2х0,6 - 96M Wire AR-1h6 - 1000m APV wire-1x10 - 1000m Wire AR-1х35, 7жил - 1000m Cord switchboard connection, SCVO-2, d-5.5 mm - 2985м Machines AP-50B-3МТ-U3.2, 4A - 2pcs Machines AP-50B-3МТ-U3.2, 500V, 10A - 2pcs AK-50B-3МТ-OM3, 380V, 10A, 50Hz -1pc Machines A-3161-1R20, 110-220V, 1-phase. - 32pcs Machines AE-1031, 240V/16A, 1-phase. - 24pcs Machines AE-1031, 380V/16A, 1-phase. - 16pcs Machines AE-2016-10НУ3, 380V, 50Hz. - 1pcs Machines AE-2043м, 16A, 24V - 1pcs Machines AE-2044-100-00У3 is NF-B, 440V, 125A -12pcs Machines AE-2046, 12.5 a - 1pc Machines AE-2046М-NF4, 660V, 1A, 50Hz - 1pc Machines AE-2046МП-40P, 660V, 16A, 50Hz - 1pc Machines AE-2056М, 380V, 16A - 1pc Machines AE-2056, 20A - 2pcs Machines AE-2056, 25A - 2pcs Slot machines VA-5125-3400-10Р00УХЛ3, 660V,0,4 a - 1 Slot machines VA-5125 - 341100, 380V, 8A - 7pcs Slot machines VA-5125 - 341100, 380V, 10A. 6pcs Machines AST-2-U3, 380V, 2.5 a, 50Hz. -2pcs Relay intermediate PE – 21 cont. 2зам., 4откр. - 2pcs Intermediate relays RPU – 2-У3Б, 24V. 160ом - 1pc Thermal relay current RTT-211П-NF4, 660V 50Hz,160A - 1pc Thermal relay current RTL-1021, 660V - 1pc Thermal relay TRN-25, 500V - 2pcs Thermal relay TRN-10-U3 500V - 2pcs Relay RS-22, RF4.523.023 - 20pcs The starter PBR-2A, 220V, 4A - 1pc Starters PME-111B, 380V, 10A, 50Hz - 1pc Starters PME-012МВ-NF4,380V,3,2 and PTT-141-3pcs Switch MF-3-16, 16A, 220/800V-10A - 215шт Switch MF-2-25, 25A,220 - 4pcs Switch 24VDC 1A - 1pc Toggle TV-2-1, AC220V, 1A 5pcs Toggle TV, 24A, 1B - 2pcs Transformer TPP-222, 127-220-50, 1 PC A phase tester TS-1425.1, 220V., - 1pcs Button PNV 12.5 a -30 U3 - 17 pieces Button PNWS-10У2, 6.3 a - 1pc Fuses PN-2-U3 ~380V-220V, 100A - 76шт Fuses PR-24 V4, 15-60A - 3pcs The outer socket with earthing - 10pcs The block clamps 3 pairs 6pcs Clamps block 10 pair - 1pcs Odessa, Irina E-mail: Viber 067-486-08-98