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BAP 3200 disk harrow

Offer type: salePublished: 21.11.2019
Company:OOO Agrolyuks-Dnepr
Seller:Yuliya Vital'evna
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Address:Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Two-row trailed disc harrow BPD-3,2×2 is ideal for rapid, shallow stubble cultivation with an intensive mixing, runs smoothly even with a large number of straw. Treatment of corn fields with plenty of straw and stubble.
The quality of the machining on soils with specific resistance up to 0,09 MPa (0,9 kg/sm2), hardness up to 3.0 MPa (30 kg/cm2) and maximum humidity of up to 25%.
Shipping. Harrow BAP 3.2 available.