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Lathe, screw-cutting universal 1М63Н.

Offer type: salePublished: 16.08.2019
Seller:Vasilij Pavlovich
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Address:Ukraine, Odessa oblast', Odesa
Lathe, screw-cutting universal model 1М63Н, 1994. V., manufacture the Ryazan machine-tool plant RSZ. In good working good technical condition, the opportunity to connect and check in work. Condition new.
Accuracy class according to GOST 8-82 N/a.
Max. diameter of workpiece processed over bed 630 mm.
Max. diameter of workpiece processed over carriage 350 mm.
Centre height 315mm.
Maximum length of installed part RMC 3000mm.
The diameter of the hole in the spindle, mm 105.
Center in the spindle for ГОСТ13214-79 Morse 6.
The end of the spindle for ГОСТ12593-72 11 M.
The size of the internal cone of spindle at ГОСТ25557-82 115.
Frequency forward/ reverse rotation of the spindle 18...1800 rpm.
Motor power main drive 15/1465 kW/R/min
Machine dimensions (length, width, height) 6740х1780х1550мм.
Weight of the machine 7550кг.