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Pram 2 in 1 Adamex in Kiev, Kharkov, Ukraine

Offer type: salePublished: 05.08.2019
Company:Internet-magazin detskih tovarov "Poteshki"
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Baby stroller – this is the most important purchase for baby. It will last you about 4 years, remaining all this time comfortable for the child. The best choice is baby strollers Adamex 2 to 1. Initially, strolling through the Park, you can install the seat unit, and when the child is asleep, install the cradle.

The benefits of stroller Adamex

  1. Roomy. Stroller will last a baby up to 4 years and will be comfortable at 100%.
  2. Ideal for long walks both in summer and winter.
  3. Easy to use. This stroller can be easily folded, not prilazhivaya a lot of effort.
  4. The adjustable backrest. Thanks to her, baby can sleep in the stroller and awake, looking around.
  5. Light weight. Despite the fact that this buggy is a transformer, it has a small mass. So it will be easy to change its position.
  6. There are swivel wheels (depreciation), which will ease the ride on any roads.
  7. Environmentally friendly. The stroller made from eco-friendly materials, which are adapted to be recycled and reused products.

Features stroller 2 in 1

It consists of a frame of the cradle and back, which withstands more than 10 kg. Pushchair 2 in 1 (or also called a stroller-transformer) made in such a way that when folding the seat unit, a carrycot. But sometimes instead use the envelopes.

These models strollers also have a reversible handle so baby while walking will be able to examine you and the people around them. Still, there is a removable cradle that can be used in elevators or narrow aisles.

When selecting wheelchairs on the site poteshki, you need to consider:

  • depreciation. Before you buy a stroller, you need to look at the smoothness of her stroke.
  • weight. This is a very important factor, as the fragile girl would not be able to drag the stroller on the 10 floor if it is heavy.
  • requirements for roads. Walks don't always happen at asfaltirani the road. May sometimes occur unevenness of coverage. For example, sand, gravel or the road is covered with snow.

Planning to buy a pram 2 in 1, consider the catalog in the store Poteshki. Here are a large number of colors and designs to fit any taste of the buyer.