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Aerodynamic Separating Machine ASM-5

Offer type: salePublished: 23.01.2019
Price:29 500 UAH
Seller:Polischuk Artem
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Address:L'vivs'ka Oblast', Lviv, Ukraine
Aerodynamic Separating Machine ACM-5 — the Benefits:

Aerodynamic separating machine ASM-5, which You can buy from us has a number of advantages:

  • working with material of any moisture and contamination;
  • versatility — works with any granular materials: grain, cereals, chaff, etc.;
  • low power consumption;
  • accurate fabrication of all parts through the use of laser cutting and metal bending on CNC machines;
  • the absence of lubrication points and consumable parts;
  • the simplicity of the design, care and maintenance (enough to include in the reverse mode or to blow the compressed air);
  • 2 year warranty.

Once in the hopper, the pile begins to fall down and immediately falls into the air stream which removes from the light impurities, blowing them away. Heavy impurities which the air blow can not, go straight down. Quality seeds are blown a little further and turns over the container for calibration. The heaviest fall in the container of seed. Other fly a little farther and fall into containers for fodder and food grains.

The weighting factor allows to quite accurately separate such complex impurities such as seeds of other plants, and sprouted, damaged and damaged by pests grains of the main culture. Due to its ability to separate almost all kinds of impurities, these plants are used for primary and secondary treatment, as well as for drying and calibration. One such machine is able to provide great performance and cleaning performance than a set of tumbler screening, tiernach, air and suction separators.

There are several reasons why you should buy grain separators of our production, using the aerodynamic principle of operation:

  • Speed. Cleaning and calibration is carried out significantly faster than in the classical separators for grain. The most powerful models capable of processing up to 200 tons of material per hour.
  • Efficiency. Seed obtained in this way is viable for up to 98%, you'll be a minimum amount of impurities and moisture.
  • Savings. Such models will save electricity, and also does not damage the seeds during processing.
  • Reliability. The car has virtually no intricate details, moving parts and greasing points. The simplicity of the design ensures reliability and minimizes maintenance required.
  • Versatility. Changing the power of the air flow, the machine can be used for all types of crops, seeds of vegetables and berries.
Why you need an Aerodynamic Separating Machine ASM-5?

The initial harvest is a mix called the heap. The bulk of the heap of corn, however, it is also present in large numbers the following elements:

  • insects and their remains;
  • husk;
  • straw;
  • tares;
  • stones;
  • sand;
  • dust;
  • weeds and their seeds.

At harvest the combine filters out of the waste, however, in order to clean and calibrate seeds, require the use of special equipment, grain separators, which You can buy from us at affordable prices.

The ultimate goal is the separation of the heap into four parts:

  • Waste. Include all external impurities and also damaged, sprouted, affected by pests and grains of the main culture.
  • Forage. Feed grain is used as feed for livestock. It allowed a small content of impurities and humidity.
  • Sowing material. For sowing grain, the slight contamination by pests, the content of impurities up to 3% and a relatively high humidity down.
  • The food grain. These seeds are of the highest quality and are used for processing into flour. Define the standards for food grains, the minimum content of impurities, low humidity and the absence of harmful organisms.

Thus, high-quality separation is the key to good crop yields, livestock health and quality of human food.