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Offer type: salePublished: 22.08.2018
Price:280 UAH
Company:TK Poshiv
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Outer material: TC. felt and faux fur
according to client's request;
Care: gentle wash at 30 degrees



Boots sewn - specialized footwear designed for working outside in low temperatures. Boots made outside of solid cloth, under which is laid a layer of batting and the inside soft faux fur. The burqa over the entire length is stitched, the heel is reinforced with leatherette. This makes the boots with the fur shoes, excellent heat-retaining and capable of withstanding temperatures up to 35 degrees, protecting your feet not only from cold but also from mechanical damage. Combining with galoshes, boots to wear in the worst wet and cold weather, feel comfortable and not be afraid of cold.

At the client's request print logos.

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