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Tablecloth with napkins set table, 140х190

Offer type: salePublished: 18.08.2018
Seller:Menedzher Irina
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Tablecloth with napkins set table, 140х190
Costantini: 44% PE, 21% cotton, 35% acrylic.
Tablecloth with napkins red 190х140 – set of textiles for table, executed in the traditional Ukrainian style. The ornaments of meaning and symbolic. Executed in accordance with the laws of art patterns adorn the home, Recalling the aftermath of the Ukrainian native ancestors. Geometric embroidery, full machine red threads is encrypted with a novel about nature and people. Hurry to buy the tablecloth on the table for a holiday gift with the napkins in the kit. Snow-white cloth decorated with bright embroidery.